I was born on August 5, 1978 in a town of Bilbao. From young age in sports I was very good, in basketball, handball, football another sports and martial arts. Anecdotally I will tell you, when i was 8 years I was want train in the gym and my father took me to a gym in the village, because I was so heavy and to let him alone. The owner's comments after appropriate of a professional explanations, "you're too young to start, until you reach the height of this office desk and lean on it, you can't start" ... An image that I have never been erased or deleted on my mind, is the monitor of the gym doing quadriceps extensions and the first time that I saw a guy training very hard. This encouraged me even more to go! Well, my teenage life continued with various sports ... At age of 15 I bought a machine of those who advertised in magazines and TV, and along with my first MuscleMag I was designing and inventing my own exercises.

When I was 16 years, which is the age that the owner's gym thought proper to start training, I signed up and started training and finally I was in a gym with no problem. When I signed up in September 1994 with 182cm and weighed as half 62'700kg. In the first 3 months I went up to 68kg, the truth that's the problem when was an ectomorph body always like any gain weight, not cover myself with grease or get soft. I kept practicing martial arts and bodybuilding to gain weight to 78kg. In 2006 he traveled to Los Angeles to see the legendary World Gym in Santa Monica where I find the legendary, super lovable Lenda Murray, one of the days I was in the mecca of bodybuilding, Gold's Gym in Venice to Gunter Schlierkamp, which told me that in a few days traveling to Spain to go to the fair at IFEMA in Madrid, another thing I saw was Will Harris (The Mutant) also had the good fortune to see the Guru Charles Glass, helping to train other professionals in the IFBB, the other day I went to Max Muscle store after Jay Cutler was associated with and of course the famous gym Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, which has left many movies. Then I spent another week in Las Vegas as he had made an appointment with Jay Cutler in the Gold's located on Lake Mead Boulevard. Once there I could see all the Gold's Gym in Las Vegas and know, live and feel as trained professionals with those huge gyms, this variety of machines and bodybuilding that environment is in USA.

That same year I went to the IFEMA where I first heard Manuel Manchado (Champion of Spain, Mr. Universe, Champion of Europe ...) and good to ask if I could make my dream come true and if he could help me get ready and, also first saw Milos Sarcev as many of the best bodybuilders of Spain. That was what I needed to take seriously this life and increase to weight 103kg which currently has a low level of body fat. Manuel Manchado been helping me since and good slowly taking shape throughout this project. In 2008 trip back to the U.S. with Manuel Manchado to see compete first in the U.S. to Alfonso del Rio and watch the Iron Man, one of the days we went to see Manuel Manchado preparer, Milos Sarcev, that was amazing! Train at your gym and spend the afternoon with these two. Thanks to all that signed a verbal contract Nutrytec so he could be first in a booth, was in IFEMA Madrid, the next time was in Germany in the town of the famous FIBO Essen. Currently I'm one years sponsored by the Sport Need franchise stores. In the month of May I posed for photographer Ulrich own Web page www.MuscleGallery.com in which professionals photographed out as Paco Bautista, Silvio Samuel, Chris Cormier, Johnnie Jackson, Roelly Winklaar ... My current goal is to raise more muscle mass and continue to improve in all aspects, physically and professionally.